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PLA Chariot Model The 99A tank is PLA’s most advanced main battle tank.

Nov 22, 2021

The 99A tank is PLA's most advanced main battle tank.

It is also PLA's first "information tank".

It is equipped with a 125mm main gun. Fire attack by enemy tanks, anti-tank missiles and gunship helicopters. The effective integration of firepower, maneuverability, protection power and information power has been realized, reflecting the new level of land warfare equipment.

The 99A tank is mainly used to suppress and destroy anti-tank weapons, destroy field operations and fortifications, and annihilate the enemy's vitality.

As a new generation main battle tank independently developed by PLA, the 99A tank is the backbone of the ground heavy assault system.
It has the obvious characteristics of fierce firepower, good mobility, strong protection, and high degree of information. It is the fist equipment of the CPLA Ground Force combat system. .

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