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PLA Chariot Model DF-21C Ballistic Missile Parade Camouflage Edition

Nov 23, 2021
DF-21 ballistic missile (code name: DF-21) is a land-based mobile medium-range ballistic missile equipped by PLA Rocket Force. It is the second-generation medium-range surface-to-surface strategic missile of PLA and the first-generation solid fuel of PLA. Ballistic missiles.

The DF-21 series of medium-range ballistic missiles have been developed so far, and they have become the most advanced weapon in the PLA equipment sequence. The DF-21C is difficult to intercept by the anti-missile system by installing a variety of warhead decoys, and the strike accuracy is close to that of cruise missiles. The anti-aircraft carrier modification provides PLA with a more cost-effective means to counter enemy aircraft carrier battle groups.

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